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During my pregnancy, my hair grew a lot mainly because of the hormones. What I was eating also contributed of course. However, do you know what happened 3 months after I gave birth? Hair loss! I experienced postpartum hair loss. I had a protective style towards the end of my pregnancy so I did not think the hair loss would be how it was. Yet, I was surprised by how much hair I lost. I knew I would lose hair as I had been doing my research but...my goodness.

As soon as I noticed this, I reached out to a few hairstylists I knew. One of my really good friends, Tanacia O. of Kinky Kurls, LLC [IG: Kinky Kurls ; website- https://www.kinkykurls7.com/] referred me to a black and woman-owned business called crownedjewelsatl. She had great success with the products she purchased from the company. Once she told me about it, I had to give it a shot! When I started using it, I noticed that the hair loss decreased over two weeks. So what did I do? I continued to use it! Since then, I have been using the products! It has been about 7 months and the products are so amazing! My three go-to products are Rosewater, WAP butter, and Mother Earth Oil. I use these three hair products twice a day [ morning and evening ]









WAP Butter


Mother Earth Oil





There you have it! These are three hair products that I have been using every day since March 2021. Furthermore, I use the products in the order I have them listed since the LCO ( leave-in/liquid, cream, oil ) method works best for my hair!

I even got my hair cut in June 2021 and the products have still helped to promote hair growth! My hair used to be very dry. Now, my hair is very moisturized and doesn't get dry 🙂 Anyway, which of these products will you be trying? Let me know below!

Oh! don't forget to also check out and support Crowned Jewels Atl at: www.crownedjewelsatl.com


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