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As much as I love my hair [ currently sporting a TWA or teeny weeny afro] sometimes, I want to just give my hair a break. To be honest, I look through a couple of my Pinterest boards for a couple of hours over a two-week span. Why? I need to figure out what protective hairstyle I want. This mainly happens when I see that my hairstylists' calendars are booking...quickly! All the hairstyles I come across are so beautiful that at times, I have a bit of a struggle picking the one I want to wear for 6-8 weeks. Besides, I am sure I am not the only one who goes through this!

Anyway, here are 15 beautiful protective hairstyles you can try any time of the year:


1. Boho crochet twists


woman wearing boho crochet protective style

Source: Kinky Kurls



2. Lemonade braids

woman lemonade braids protective style

Source: Kinky Kurls



3.  2 feed in braids

woman wearing feed in braids protective style

Source: Kinky Kurls



4. Passion twists

woman wearing passion twists protective style

Source: Kinky Kurls



5. Coily Spring Twists

coily spring twist protective style


Source: Kinky Kurls



6. Havana Twists

havana twists


Source: Kinky Kurls



7. Box braids

woman with hand on hip


8. Bob box braids

9. Crochet curls

woman wearing sweater dress



10. Crochet twists


black woman wearing red lipstick


11. Knotless braids


woman sitting in salon chair

Source: Kinky Kurls



12. Fulani braids

woman looking over shoulder


Source: Kinky Kurls


13. Locs

woman wearing locs

Source: Kinky Kurls



14. Sisterlocs


Woman wearing sisterlocs and black sunglasses

Source: Kinky Kurls



15. Faux locs

woman wearing faux locs

Source: Kinky Kurls


Too cute! I think I am going to be getting number eight soon. What about you? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, don't forget to check out Kinky Kurls 7 on IG and www.kinkykurls7.com. Her calendar is almost booked for the rest of the year! Make that appointment while you still can 🙂


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