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🎶Summer Summer Summertime!🎶

Yes! Let's get into some lipstick! A quick tip: to keep my lips moisturized, I use lip chap from the dollar store! The one I use contains the following ingredients: Himalayan pink salt and shea butter! It helps my lips stay soft. If you have been having trouble keeping your lips moisturized while wearing lipsticks, give it a shot! It will only cost you....one dollar!

During the warm season, I like to put on a mix of rouges, pinks, and neutral colors.These are great for dark skin and you will not have to break the bank. So, you can apply any of these shades and your look will be complete.


Each  of these glide on so nicely and easily. Did I mention that each of these is affordable? Yes! Each of these cost under....$10! With that being said, here are my favorite lipsticks for the summer!

















Such beautiful shades! Which of these do you like the most? Let me know in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, check out this one.


Thanks! ( Medase)


Enjoy your day!




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