Curls are so beautiful. I wish I loved them sooner. In fact, it wasn't until maybe about 7 years ago that I fell in love with curls. In fact, I thought it was just so much work and would seldom get that style unless I went to the hairstylist or got a sew-in ( I don't get those anymore).


However, as I was starting to really love who I was and embrace my beauty, I started to enjoy the curls! Whether they are big, small, or even coily, they are absolutely gorgeous. Most of the time when I get a hairstyle, there is some sort of curl. Crochet twist-outs, Bantu knot outs, twist-outs, and braid-outs are just a few of my favorite curly hairstyles. The bounce. The versatility. The volume?? I love it all!



Curly hairstyles

Check out a few of my favorite curl hairstyles.

woman in a black dress wearing glasses

Crochet twist out

woman in a black dress smiling

Crochet twist out




woman with curly hair smirking

Bantu knot twist-out ( transitioning from relaxed to natural )



woman wearing glasses

crochet twist out


woman posing with right hand on hip and smiling

crochet twist out


Final thoughts


I just adore curls! It was actually quite difficult to pick out my favorites 😆 What are your favorite curl hairstyles? Let me know in the comments.


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